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May 2016
***, dat lingwistik ****
is so **** bro.
ppl dun wanna no nefing nemore, well tgif.
i just wanna *** some bishes
nd 4get abt lyf.
I ceebs bein gud wif werdz.
i jst wnt sum roofies 2 hlp me relx.
my comp is lagging 2much.
2 many **** on ytube 2dae.
imma go on COD and shoot sum *****.
jst add me on SC nd u can send me nudes.
i mite c u at da clubs 2nite.

inb4 dis is uncomahensabul

dis is 2deep4u.
This is reality. This is the way some idiots speak. I am disgusted by this character, but I also empathise with him.. or "it". I find reality something hard to bare and I am intensely dissapointed in the stupidity and evil of the world. There is humor in this, there misogyny, homophobia, anti intellectualism. Its disgusting. This character is real. We all know this person.

I believe it is unlikely for us to change and in a way we have to **** this person spiritually, metaphorically, literally or use love. Neither of these will work and I believe I had to express it through art. Poetry.

Miguel Diaz
Written by
Miguel Diaz
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