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May 2016
I'll miss his voice. The way he'd say I love you or the way he'd sing his L's.
I'll miss laying on his chest with my leg wrapped around his. That was when I felt home.
I'll miss watching him dance. So goofy, and so cute.
I'll miss his hands. His gentle touch, his strong touch.
I'll miss his veins. I loved tracing them with my fingers in awe that they are what keeps him alive.
I'll miss his smile. There was a certain one, and it made everything in life seem okay
I'll miss the way his burritos would fall apart.
I'll miss his kisses. So filled with love, they'd give me butterflies.
I'll miss watching his lip twitch when I'd touch it. It was one of my favorite things.
I'll miss him getting me to adventure with him. He made my life so much more exciting.
I'll miss making him ***. The sounds, the faces, the taste.
I'll miss falling asleep with him, and waking up to sleepy kisses.
I'll miss taking showers with him. Feeling so exposed and letting him touch me all over.
I'll miss making him food. I loved taking care of him.
I'll miss having him comfort me. He always made me feel so safe. Like when we would go camping and I'd get scared of the sounds.
I'll miss having him tell me howcute, pretty or beautiful I looked everyday.
I'll miss his curved toes. And laughing at them and having him get embarrassed.
I'll miss his cantagious laugh. I now laugh like him sometimes.
I'll miss seeing his cute **** when he'd get up to put pants on. And trying to touch it.
I'll miss standing on my tip toes to try and be as tall as him. I never was.
I'll miss trying to act tough and wrestle him. I never won.
I'll miss getting his goodnight texts.
I'll miss picturing our lives together when we're older.
I'll miss how goofy he gets when he's high. Even though I sometimes wasn't in the mood.
I'll miss the weird looking animals that he thinks are cute.
I'll miss him kissing my feet. He's the only person I can let touch them.
I'll miss plucking his eyebrows and trying to hurt him.
I'll miss all the weird selfies he takes on my phone.
I'll miss driving around with him.
I'll miss how excited he was about his pins, and his games. Even though I made fun of him.. I wish I didnt.
I'll miss talking to him. About anything and everything.
I'll miss feeling so loved
I'll miss everything about him.

I keep reading that to get over someone, you should try to remember all the things you didn't like about them. But there isnt anything. I loved everything, all his imperfections, everything.

I wish I would've appreciated all these things more. I wish I would've known the last time that I would've witnessed everyone of these things.

I wish this wasn't happening.
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