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May 2016
From inside I may be crying,
But outside I will always be smiling,
No one notices,
But it's hard for me to controll

My physical wounds would heal
But my heart will never.
The night is yet to be over,
But my emotions are beaten,
And my brain has become more valuable,
It' general

Then comes the teaes, and i think how to change?,
As i cry for rage,
You say you understand,
And lend me a helping hand.
That may be true,
But first stand in my shoe.
You.will take a scoop of nothing but shame.

Strong and then weak,
Happy and then sad,
Sometimes feeling hopefull,
And always dreadinh the bad

I stand scared and uncertain,
And ask myself "where am I?"
It's dark in here
Don't know what to do.

Thoughts stomp in my mind,
Let me get out of here,
I try and try and try.
But the light goes further and further apart.

Every day, Every hour and Every momment
I live in shame
But then i close my eyes
See someone whose most important in my life,
And think "Life is full of problems,
I need to fight it to make it big"
For all those in depression
Written by
Ayussh Srivastav  Bangalore,india
   CoolGuy2804 and ---
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