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Jan 2012
A Summers Morn    (Robert Thornton)   2012

On clear and bright sweet summer's morn
all hint of darkness past.
where glistening spray of dew drops form
resplendently on grass.

And scented rush of flower in bloom
awakened by sunlight,
steers heart and soul away from gloom
and fills them with delight.

Where wondrous song of birds in trees
like church bells ring out loud,
and sun-drenched pasture once in seed
boast stems so tall and proud.

And shimmering haze of golden rays
cascade twixt every branch,
who's sleepy leaves, on gentle breeze
partake in fleeting dance.

Grey squirrels dash from tree to tree
their bushy tails held high,
and honey bees in troops of three
set sail with dragon fly.

Where trickling sound of nearby stream
breaks silence from the still,
that weaves it's route to stem and shoot
from nature's grand refill.

And winding path that snakes through dale
with stone-wall as its vein,
such well-trod ground that tells its tale
in footprints that remain.  

The ageless glory of a summer's day
in all its majesty,
A special miracle in every way
For all eternity.

Robert Thornton
Written by
Robert Thornton
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