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Apr 2016
Do not take these words lightly. They are heavy. they are more than just words. they are supposed to throat punch you. I beg you to let that blood drip from your eyes as my words seep with regret. feelings are never appropriate. what would a world be like if "they" never told us to stop? "stop crying," "quit laughing," "control yourself," "calm down...." my words are more than just words. do not read them do not look at them. they mean nothing unless you can feel them. put them on your tongue and taste them. feel them as they slide down your throat, and memorize the trail they blaze through your veins. taste them the way you let her lick your skin, put them in your mouth like that cigarette smoke you loathe. ecstasy to your brain & smudges to the rest. let them cut you the way you slice your arms, rip your chest open I dare you to breathe. are you uncomfortable? I would apologize but I am an object and only that. we do not apologize we are submissive. pick me up and throw me against the wall, watch me shatter I hope I get stuck in your eye. so now you will forever see me, forced to look at me and live with me the way you never would if you had the choice. bend me, throw me. I have shattered. I am unbroken. use me. take your hands & reach inside of me. pull yourself through the light, search for a way out and get caught in the dark. are you scared? colors would mean something if you would open your eyes. This could be easy, but you are so obsessed with being hard.
Written by
Rhianna Powell
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