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Apr 2016
To the sun that covers the moon
That gives light when the evening comes
So the smiles that covers the pain
Telling them that I’m okay

Like a face wearing a masked
Hiding my deepest heartaches,
From the outside I looked very well
In the inside there’s a broken me

Scars in my heart that came from rejections
Scars in my heart that came from Discrimination
Scars in my heart that came from abusing the kindness
A scar in my heart from people who pushed away

Oh Pain!
That is hanging on me…
Oh This Pain!
Would you go away?

I’m so sick and tired of this life
Wanting myself to end
Beaten by the hurt,
Can SOMEONE help me!?!

Through my darkest hour
There! Someone is calling me
Wanted me to draw closer
Wanted me to surrender the ache

And to my surprise
I run closer and asked,
Who are you?
What can you do?

Then I shout it loud
At the top of my lungs, Here I’ AM!
Take this and renew my life
Let me survive to this life without regret

Then HE came
Rescuing me from the pit of hell
Took all my bitterness inside
Heals my wounds, restores my HEART

Finally! On that day
I was never been the same again
I was a changed person
Grateful, secured, loved and free

I was never been alone anymore
He didn’t let me go, NEVER
He was always with me
And Now, He lives in me.
Jesus Christ was my one and only savior.
Mimi V
Written by
Mimi V  Manila
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