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Jan 2012
When our gazes fasten together--
our beings recklessly careen forward
a collision course
rivaling the longing of two magnetic forces

& when we touch.....
        and we fall,
escaping into All,
falling falling
             everything         sails        past
very                rabbit hole-esque        
and we vibrate
in the wind--
         whirling around  
g weeks forward
through time
adrenaline minds heat--
          boiling          we....      explode­to everything
into quarks quaking
primal energies of the universe

          Orbiting each other
          the rest of existence
                 orbits us

& we dance--(left--right--right--left)...
        forming worlds within other planes within

& we dance--(to--our--once--beating--hearts)...
          beating hearts
throughout this light
                 we have
Here's a conversation I had with Maighdlin Maureen Kelly...... verbatim.
Written by
     Rada, ---, ---, Brycical, --- and 1 other
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