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Apr 2016
20 years
Of pain
Of joy
Of life

Out of the teens
And into “adulting”
As the kids say these days

What is adulting?
Aren’t I doing it already?
I’ve had to mature
People call me “wise beyond my years”

My story
My journey
Influenced by cancer
But not defined by it
Because I am more
Than my diagnosis
Ever could be

5 years since
My cancer diagnosis
5 years since
My cancer journey
Oh how wonderful it feels to say 5 years
Not 4, 3, 2, or 1
But 5

As I grow into being an adult
I think back on my life before
Next Step
And I’m grateful
For who I’ve become
And who I am growing to be
It was my birthday on Tuesday. I turned 20!
Grace Van Dyck
Written by
Grace Van Dyck
   PJ Poesy and SPT
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