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Jun 2016
She makes me want to write poetry better, when before, my ramblings were enough for me. But nothing's ever going to be enough for me again. I don't have enough to describe her to you, how she's so ordinary yet so extraordinary. How is it that she comforts me, yet she comforts me from the very ache she placed in my chest? I wanna talk about her to everyone, but they'll label this and that terrifies me, because this can't be labelled. If I can't describe this in so many paragraphs, why must people try to box it with one or two words?

Terrifying, she fills me with all kinds of terror. What if I'm too much for her? Yet each time I show her a little more of my dark soul, she kisses my mouth, and kisses it, too.

How does she get away with kissing my mouth anyway? I love her so ******* much. She lets me run my fingers through her hair and feel her scalp beneath my fingers like it's nothing, maybe it is nothing to her. And when I hold her from behind she turns her head and nuzzles into me and oh, it makes me adore her even more. And I tell her I adore her, so she sends me all those cute stickers with love hearts.

She says 'I love you' back. How does she love me?

She presses her head to mine and lets me gaze into those cornflower blue eyes, and our souls collide, my heart can't take this.

I find my lips kiss her neck and she doesn't seem to mind.

The butterflies she likes so much have taken up residence in my guts.

I want to protect her, and I want her to protect me, all at once.

I wanna ask her what this means, but I'm afraid of the answers. None of the answers are gonna get me closer to her.

I will always be insatiable.
Written by
   Paridhi Sharma
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