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Mar 2016
People keep telling me that it's all in my perception,
my attitude,
my outlook and that I choose to feel
happy or sad like
my depression is somehow my fault because I'm just not
choosing to feel happy.


Because there are substances.
Some legal.
Some illegal.
Some experimental.
Some as yet discovered.

All alter this brain bag of DNA planned chemicals and
the substances that seem to bring the most temporary joy are banned
except alcohol.

So when I go on a legal drinking binge I'm called an alcoholic, hey!
I'm just trying to get my ******* mood changed for y'all, now I'm a alcoholic.

Ever consider its the world that's ****** up. How we treat each other is ****** up. And my constant sorrow and depression arise because

I can't lie to myself as well as you?
Written by
(San Francisco)   
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