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Dec 2011
You can’t be truly open or honest with someone who truly cares for you
Bias drips from their tongues
Your well being replaces unguarded exchange
So on with the mask
So cursory after all these years
If only we could dine with strangers with open ears
On a night like tonight
Where everything rests at the tips of our fingers
Waiting for a chance to be released
Oh, sweet, sweet release
When shall you come?
My heart and mind weigh heavy with this burden
A burden so foolishly and needlessly shouldered
Break bread with me stranger from another land
Hear my story
Lend me yours
So I may bathe in its truth
How delightful the taste of this truth as it drips from one’s lips
To be enjoyed as a wedding cake on the happiest of days
Like a tear
Welled up in a drop
Finally escaping the eye it could never see through
Splashing to the ground with a thunderous cry of deliverance
A tear of joy most certain
Jack Piatt
Written by
Jack Piatt
   --- and serah
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