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Dec 2011
I spend my days in ignorance
thinking everything's alright
Only to learn that "can we talk"
means "its time we had a fight"

How do I get it so wrong
just by hearing what you say
and choosing not to turn it round
to take it a different way

I tell you that I'm tired
but that's never what you hear
You choose instead that its a sign
that I don't want you near

I tell you that I'm busy
and the words fill you doubt
but it just means I have stuff to do
before the time runs out.

I tell you that I have to go
that there's a place I have to be
but you take as a personal slight
that its you I want to leave

But when I tell you that I love you
a smile lights up your face
There's no doubt or misconception
just acceptance in its place

I wish that you listen
and just hear the words I say
then we will last forever
and your smile is here to stay
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A Thomas Hawkins
Written by
A Thomas Hawkins  Canada
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