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Jan 2016
you once asked me why?
why did fate bring us together?
was it luck?
or was it us being useless in coming together ourselves?

fate is something i've never believed in much
it seemed like a fake construct that society had created
in order to convince people that everything happens for a reason,
just a way for us pretend that horrible things have a purpose.

but when i met you, i began to think that things like this happen
and they make me think its possible,
fate might possibly be real.

fate didn't make me love you,
but it made me realize that i could love you
that getting hurt was worth the pain.

you then asked me
why would fate bring us together,
only to throw us apart again?
and that is a hard question to answer...
fate has its reasons.

it all happens because those experiences
they change who we are
and who we will be.
i'd rather be broken now because we aren't together
than not have any of the memories i have now.

i'd rather remember the first time you whispered "i love you"
so softly in my ear while i smiled
and felt your heart beat horribly out of control.
i felt the ba-dum speed up under the palm of my hand
and i can't help but feel like this was meant to be.

but nothing lasts forever
like this, it won't last forever
its here for now but it won't be here tomorrow.

i don't even need you to be here tomorrow
i will always have that first "i love you",
i will always have the freckles on your face
imprinted in my mind,
i will always have that smile
and that shine in your eyes
frozen forever in my dreams.

i'll always have you even if i won't actually have you
i don't need you physically there
but i do want you there.

fate is kind
but fate is also cruel.

should i thank it?
should i hate it?
for now i think i'll just enjoy today...
Sonja Milekovic
Written by
Sonja Milekovic
   Cecil Miller
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