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Jan 2016
My heads spinning as if I’m on a carousel twice the speed. I can’t stand and when I do, I falter. The knots in my stomach continute to tighten, like weeds around plants. My fingers vibrate with intensity and my whole body begins to tremble with fear. Heart palpatations, that I cannot handle. My breaths become deeper, my face whiter and skin clamy. I am losing control. I claw at my throat as if I am digging my own grave. Please, let this not be the end. I can’t force my eyes to open they seemed to be glued shut. My scent increases and I smell blood. I’m getting suffocated. Somebody help me. This is agony. My cheek is cold from the stone pebble ground. I try to rub my eyes, it’s a blur as I open them. I blink several times before my vision becomes clear. Alleyway. My legs are uneasy, as if I am a infant trying to walk for the first time. My neck is in pain. I place my hand on my elbow, its oozing with blood. I see a light. My body is in excruciating pain from the fall. I move slowly. Making my way towards the light, it was a pub. My ribcage ached every time my lungs drew in a breath. I recognized my skin tight clothing in the light. Laced up corset. Figures, it was hard to make out. I knew they were people. My mouth opened trying to speak, but my voice was hoarse. Dry like the desert. I could not make a sound. Was this another dream? It felt too much like reality.
Ash Perri
Written by
Ash Perri  Pittsburgh
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