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Jan 2016
Once upon a long time ago
on a land so far, far, away
in an unknown kingdom unknown to itself
a bishop entered the fray

He promised the greatest gift of freedom
burn our bondages into sand
and open the hope of mighty salvation
and entry into the Promised Land

Bells ring brightly around the world
strike the most beautiful of harmonious chords
and when all those minds begin to unite
for priceless gifts they arrive in hordes

They gather in front of the mighty church doors
merge into a conglomeration
and in a fervent, selfish, call, they say,
"Bishop, lead us to salvation!"

After pacing back and forth a lot
the bishop replied, "Follow me!"
and off everyone went on a winding path
trailing off as far as the eye can see

The bishop stopped in an ancient cave
in a mountain with secrets that sing
he turned around and spoke with fire,
"Friends, I can not give you anything!"

"Brothers and sisters, you just must learn,
spirituality is not on earth by presence!
It lies in metaphor, in goodwill and sermon!
The Promised Land is but here in essence!"

"Chains of the earth are not found in heaven
and so heavenly souls you must make!
If you follow the shepherd to freedom on earth
then salvation is something you'll have to forsake!"

The crowd was stunned by these fiery words
put to confusion by this engagement
Were earthly bodies not allowed in heaven?
Was that the point of this engagement?

Fiery words had kindled cold fiery souls
and you fight fire with fire, many do say
and a revolution of earthly interests
was made to end the earth's dismay

You can still find the bishop in the cave
forgotten by time, blood dried on the ground
and regardless of his loss, his words ring true
as the earth has never found the Promised Land
Written by
Lucas Mock  Somewhere
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