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Dec 2015
Ayee..Uhh..(**** a hater let em hate, aye7)..**** em let em hate, **** em..(let em2)..hate **** em let em hate..**** em (let em2)..(hate2)..(**** a hater2)...let em hate, Aye..**** a hater let em (hate2)..**** em..
(Let em)..hate Aye..
/(let em
(Let em
5).., you gotta (let em4)..hate, (let em9)..(hate 2).., Aye don't have any worries of what they gotta say..(**** em2)..let em (hate2)..Aye..,(**** a hater, let em hate,aye6)..****   a hater (let em5), hate Yeah , you gotta let em hate, **** em anyway, Aye..(let em *7)..hate.. Don't have any worries of what they say..(**** a hater just let em hate4)..**** a hater, (let em5)..hate, let em hate..Aye

Let em hate, get yo cake, stack it up Yeah mane, Do what ever your spirit desires, don't worry about a hater **** hater..(let em hate
2)..Aye Young Ston, look at me, I'm trying my very best..Yeah I'm making so many **** sacirfices to influence love forget hate..(**** a hater, let em,aye2)..Yeah , I do cuss alot in  my songs, dawg I'm just letting all of my angry, sadness, & my depression, go yo, ****, the kids still need to listen to this still, I'll make a cleaner version for the album soon man called Living Legend.., Imma living legend Yeah mane, Like Christian Rich said man, Only Real music is gonna last all that other ******* is here, today & gone tomorrow mane,Aye..(,**** a hater, let em hate,Aye2)..Im too real to be doing what all of these other fake ***** *** rappers doing mane, They some gangstalicious head *** buster ******..Aye

Forget joining thee Occult, Noo, I won't change my faith for gaining fame my *****, Imma still accumulate billions tho dawg, Yeah man, Aye & Imma split that **** up wit my family equally, Yeah we all equal mane.. OFTR, is  a family business, Yeah its (only for the Real2) ..yeah only real ****** , involved in it yeah Aye..
The industry will test yo character, but you can't let Satan destroy you, forget em, Yeah..(**** a hater
2)..(Let em3)..hate, Yeah Uhh..OFTR
We came from the underground & took over Mainstream, Imma lethal weapon my ***** , you rather be with me, Aye me & my brothers stayed going....
Now all we burn up is Dat strong mane,..Noo these hos can't handle it, Noo none of these hoes can handle me, ***** I'm too strong, even tho I'm skinny, I go in lil mama hard..yeah I go in her long,..Aye but this ain't that type of song my *****, This is Only to inspire my brothers & my sisters Yeah..Let's turn Section 8 into Blacc Hollywood mane.., Uhh Yeah, Aye..

**** a hater let em hate..hate..**** em..(let em
**** em..(let em2)..(hate2)..Aye **** a hater..(let em4)..hate
/(let em
**** em..
Let em hate, Aye
(**** a hater, Let em hate,aye
/..yeah..(let em3),..hate/3

Aye don't worry my ***** because (there will always better days2)..Uhh, your worse day ain't your worses of days & it ain't probably gonna be yo last , so just stay strong, keep your head up & keep moving on **** a hater, Let em hate dawg..Uhh, Yeah..Young Ston..
(**** a hater, let em hate
**** a hater, Let em hate Aye..
(**** a hater2)..(Let em hate2)
Ston Poet
Written by
Ston Poet  SouthSide
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