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Nov 2011
My shadow has been behaving strangely in recent weeks
I’ve noticed that it’s far less docile than it used to be
For instance, on those occasions when I catch a glimpse of my reflection in a shop window
And see an older, more stooped person than I expect
My shadow is strutting upright, youthful, vigorous
And then when I’m struggling to run for the bus, heart pounding
My shadow is impatiently hurrying ahead, no longer so willing to wait for me
I swear last week when out cycling, it tried to overtake me
When I’m walking through crowds, careful not to gaze too long or longingly at the young women
My shadow is **** well staring and ogling and half turning to follow them
This worries me.  I’m concerned about my shadow’s state of mind
I fear it is about to abandon me for a younger model
©Mike Hopkins 2011

Age can creep up on you.
Mike Hopkins
Written by
Mike Hopkins
   --- and Makiya
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