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Nov 2011

                             Goolwa     Beach

                                the  waves are



           ­                           puppies  bouncing  

            ­                  excitedly  around  your  feet  

                           Greyhounds sprinting  in to nip your  

                     ankles   Labradors  wet nosed gambolling

                 slobbering      Rottweilers  snarling    slavering

            knocking  you off balance          in packs        hard  

       on the heels of the leader           *** crazed  

    sniffing   the   one   in   front         mounting it

   mad     things      collapsing         foaming  retreating

whimpering   spent  on  the  sand     cowering  like **whipped curs
©Mike Hopkins 2011

Hard to format a poem on this site, but in the original, it is laid out to resemble a dog.  Goolwa Beach is in South Australia. Its part of a spectacular stretch of beautiful, white sand beach stretching down to the Murray mouth and the Coorong.  The waves are relentless.
Mike Hopkins
Written by
Mike Hopkins
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