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Nov 2015
Cosmic vibrations and toxic inclinations
Burning eyes suggesting prolonged stimulations,
I prop open the window-to have a cigarette,
But I fear the Red Queen beside me will chop off my head.
Now, I knew from the beginning that she was one of a kind,
The way she would crack open my psyche and see what she could find.
Strange chemicals in the savage desert sun-
The way she would place flowers into the barrel of a gun.
Down the rabbit hole, to the dark side of the moon
You are the mechanism to which wildflowers bloom.
An act of passive resistance, you place your palm to a tree
A testimonial expression of what it’s meant to be.
In a world of hate and violence, in the midst of a thermonuclear war,
You are the one that I retain my sanity for.
Wipe the tears away from your atmospheric eyes,
Planetary currents under a starlit sky.
Although you are gone, I will always wait
For Alice to return to the Mad Hatter’s domain.
An aged love poem
Dalton Rees
Written by
Dalton Rees
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