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Nov 2015
All those stares everywhere I go,
Beating and burning the back of my head.
Can you even imagine being me -
“Different”, a minority?
Everything is changing as I am
Finding out what I am made of -
Giving me unending pride and
Hope for the future world -
Inspired by equality for all.
Just look inside my soul and
Know that I am not so bad.
Look at me and understand that
My name has changed and it is
Not the same as when I was born.
Operations will transform me into the
Person I am in my heart and in my mind.
Questions from you are welcomed,
Rudeness, however, can be left at the door.
Send your bitterness and hate away to learn
That not all people are the same.
Understand that I will always love myself and
Violence will never ever be the answer
When all I want is to be accepted.
X marks the spot on our hearts when
You have decided to wholly learn to
Zero out the hate in which our society takes a toll.
Zero out the cold-heartedness and
You will feel better about yourself.
X’s and O’s go to the people
Who love me for simply being me.
Victory unending goes to those who  
Understand and love each other
Through the most difficult times -
Sorrow, hate, crimes, and pain.
Realize that we do not need help,
Quit telling us that we are mentally sick,
Pretty pretty please, with a cherry on top.
Oh, I hope and dream that the day is
Nearing when we are equal in each eye,
Minorities will cease to exist anymore with
Love that is pure and acceptance for all.
Knowing that each of us is not the same
Just simply goes to show that
I will never let you bring me down.
***** is not my name, never ever will it be.
Gender identity is not a choice -
Forgiveness, though, is a choice.
Educate yourself to gain knowledge.
Do not call me “dude” or ”man”,
Call me Unique, not my birth name.
By all means, you don’t have to love me -
All I ask is that you accept me for being me.
Erin Hankemeier
Written by
Erin Hankemeier
   --- and RAJ NANDY
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