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Oct 2015
don't forget to say I love you when you part
she will not think it was an accident but a hint towards you letting go
on days that she can't find her smile
lend her yours
your shoulders
your arms
on days she can find it, let her know how beautiful it is
when she watches the moon
watch her
create art with your eyes, using her face as inspiration
turn her eyes into stars
and her cheek bones into skyscrapers
try not to let her feel like she is alone
this will happen often, just hold her
sometimes words aren't needed
tracing your fingers up and down her spine will say enough
if you leave fingerprints on her heart
be prepared to wipe them off before you leave
How I wish to be loved; how I need to be loved.
Written by
cf  Ontario, Canada
(Ontario, Canada)   
   --- and Callum K
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