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Oct 2015
Somebody save me.
With opened eyes and a lifted head,
I have never felt so heavy.
With each step I take,
my legs step down
with the weight of Jupiter pushing into the ground.
My eyes have a rapid wander
when they are exposed to light.
Only seconds go by
before they have to shut again.
My head is resting
in a sleep-like-position,
the emptiness could definitely lead to sleep.
My body is letting me.
It's tired,
but my mind,
the restless one,
decides against that objection.
In the process of this meaningless entry,
I have realized that  I have
never felt this strange.
Pay attention to my handwriting,
it has never been this off.
Pay attention to my wording,
my sentences, or words, or ideas
seem incomplete.
This is all similar to me
and how I feel off.
Strange. Not normal.
As the days pass,
I believe the thought that I could be psychotic.
I wouldn't doubt it
from the way I'm feeling.
My vision is blurry,
I couldn't walk straight.
I'm always confused.
Either with with the way I act,
my thoughts,
and possibly the empty hole and cracks in my heart.
I took double.
Double of something.
Perhaps a double dosage could cause
a hallucination of some type of  feeling.
Or is it the lack of sleep just so powerful
that it has the superiority to make that impact.
I'm so confused.
Does anybody want to switch lives?
I'm willing to do anything
to give up this one.
Save me.
Written by
Marissa  Minnesota, USA
(Minnesota, USA)   
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