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Oct 2011
What could tomorrow be kind to stranger lands down on the soil to tread mills and chills of the heart might repeat and never looking back on glass black starred and scarred, the fear that I feel warms up the clouds and makes the sky rain. Blue and windowpanes shut the pain from the door of a head shooting arrows gushing ****** fantasies pink and light displacing darkness that set the moon loose, win the favor of the stars and the taste of bitter explosions in space lead to the return of weight, pinning down the needles through hands that stand alone, let’s be alone together?tires and wheels tire away in lands near, steer clear from crystals that freeze and make smoke sting.scorpions shine bright yellow and here we go again, light. It is a cycle with no edges that wrestle round a spinner. We are winners and the meat we bring sound like the bells that tremble, scared and white, blank and point at the mirror where three point back black blank and laugh
Written by
   Julian Dorothea
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