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Sep 2015
I haven't talked to daddy in days
Mommy's fed up
They've been ignoring each other for days
But now I hear them barking
I heard daddy's truck pull in
Heard something smash
The door was kicked down
Here came daddy with a pack of beer
His breath hot of fresh *****
I hear mommy and daddy barking
Things being thrown across the room
Punches being made
Blood dripping on the ground
I try to close my ears
I try to drown out the noise
But it ain't working
I try to keep my mind from running wild
I bury myself in my sheets
But that don't work
Daddy storms out of the house
All drunk and ******
Mommy's crying
Daddy's gone, probably went for more beer
Where is this God you speak of?
I yell for him
But he didn't answer me
I close my eyes
All is quiet in this little house
The tears flooding in
Oh I felt someone with me in that bed
Yeah, I was sleeping with the devil.
The Broken Poet
Written by
The Broken Poet  Texas
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