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Oct 2011
Your eyes have lost the spark
That once lit up my mind
What roared for some time ago
is now a quiet of a kind
It is such a pity
That whatever's gone wrong
your engine's lost its' fuel
your throat's lost its' song

Your lips have lost the smirk
That once drew me much near
I do want to reignite it
For with it I can't compare
But if I had my wish
Would you stop being locked
Open your doors
For hours I've knocked

You and I are a candle
That's about to fade out
Can't we hold on until the morning
Then we can see with no doubt
But give me some fuel
And hold off the breeze
When you and I come crashing
my world it will freeze

Your branches are reclining
And your wall I can't climb
It is steadily rising
You won't give me time
But if this is your wish
It's time for my going
To find another lightsource
With a shine that's more glowing
Written by
William K Chee-awai
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