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Sep 2015
The thought of you hit me again tonight, I really thought I was doing okay, it's been a few days now but my god the first three days I couldn't even stand up without feeling sick to my **** stomach, I popped a couple of pain killers the first night, and washed themΒ Β down with ***** but it didn't stop the **** pain just made me drunk and the only thing on my tongue was your name. The second night I cut up my wrists just to make sure I could still feel, because my god when you left me the way you did I could've sworn I died, and I think the third night was probably the worst, because the thought of how you touched me and took the only thing I had to lose was burning up inside me leading to a pool of tears and this horrible feeling of emptiness, God I needed someone else's touch to help me forget yours. Unfortunately it was another form of self destruction because I knew that when I let this other boy in me the emptiness was fulfilled for a couple of hours, but as soon as I went home I found myself where I started alone and with a bottle of ***** trying to forget the pain.
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