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Sep 2015
Being in love is the most complicated, yet simplest thing you'll ever experience. Being in love is knowing everything about a person, but still being surprised by them everyday. Love is feeling so secure with a person that it scares you, because how could you ever be that way with anyone else? Being in love is like living on the borderline between utter chaos and complete harmony. It's so confusing that it makes complete sense. Being in love is so perfect that you almost want it to stop before you break it. Almost. Being in love is being perfectly content with whatever life throws at you because you know that no matter what, you're always going to have that one person beside you to ensure that everything's okay. Being in love is scary and complicated and hard, but it's so worth it. Being in love is the greatest feeling that you could ever imagine, and probably plus some.
Kailey Brown
Written by
Kailey Brown
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