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Oct 2011
I don't think a lot,
but I do a lot of thinking.
I don't drink a lot,
but I do a lot of drinking.

And it doesn't seem to stop
this feeling from sinking,
or my all seeing eye from blinking.

Breifly breaking my hindsight of the future
and disrupting my focus,
but you know what the joke is?

I'm fine with that.

And I find myself finding that,
absolutely hilarious.
So I laugh in the face of the scariest
demons and monsters
that your insecurities can conjure.

I believe I can beat them
because I know they can't defeat me.

I have an army of faith,
swarming and storming towards the creatures
easily slaying the doubts and questions,
hesitations from transgressions
attempting to slow my march.

But amidst all this bloodshed,
I must admit my head
is quite clear of all fear.
Instead filled with knowledge,
and if not that then belief,
and if neither are the case,

faith takes their place.
Anthony Jarell Alexander
Written by
Anthony Jarell Alexander  30/M
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