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Oct 2011
Strange pieces
Gather from all around.
Put piece near piece,
Then something takes
Shape from the gritty ground.
Pour sadness
And nightly haunting thoughts in those remains,
Then sprinkle tragedy in those dim needled veins.

Suddenly, shadows came and took their same old place -
Eyes as lucent phantasms and gloomy lips are carving a face.
This messy view throws sounds, shaping a requiem;
You see...
This living corpse is me,
It's just who I am.

I've been laying there, for a while...
Wished to revive, but didn't knew how.
Whatever was called life, now it's called "denial".
Memories are flowing back and I remember now
... I fainted.

I know... I've failed.

Time has forgotten me on its way and I painted
Fears all over me, overwhelming me...
Tears don't listen anymore - they're playing dead,
They've lived forever in a sable
For my soul lies in the dust.
Hopes traded my breathing, for a second in redemption's gust
'Cause believing in pure forgiveness, I'm not able.

My life's blink has been crucified... and I'd cry -
But they haunted and trapped my wishes in gobbles.
So here i dive
In this place my "strange pieces" used to lie.
My sight is empty and thoughts are dry -
Dreams I cherished rised into cloudy bubbles
So anxious to fly...
Georgiana S
Written by
Georgiana S  Romania
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