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Sep 2015
Paying rent and walking to school;
Buying text books that just make me drool:

Why must I do these scary, dumb things?
What end should I seeks from ambiguous schemes?

I suppose that little piece of paper pays off:
A degree in BS--or 'life skills' I've been taught;

Well who's life, I ask, for surely not mine;
I don't need money or a house, I'm just fine!

Why must we all pursue this professional life...this American dream?
There are so many other, simple ways match esteem.

I'm tired of approval and guilt come from lack!
I'm tired of the weight of expectations on my back!

I'm tired of pursuing this life I don't want!
I'm tired of college, of debt, and of taunt!

I do need a better job: that's agreed!
But I don't need a job that can't see me for me...just some a dog of a higher pedigree...a little fish in an over-saturated, inflated sea of qualification, mastery, and certain uncertainty.

What happened to spontaneity? To chasing a dream? To not letting anyone run your life? I guess it died in your childhood with you same as me? So follow me down this stream of conformity to the white collar life in a box routine, oh joy.
New school year for a future I'm faking and don't want
CP Walker
Written by
CP Walker
   Cecil Miller
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