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Aug 2015
I just cant imagine heart palpatations
in the middle of my serenity
mixing well with my awe endeavors
I wanna find the catalyst of love
in a shared experience
But my edge inspired progression
comes from the sharp edge of rocks beneath my feet and the mighty beating of the sun
churning my affection into sweat drivin nirvanah
I know you know
And i im glad to say ive tried, too
Theres no easy way to spell out contrasting metaphors for movement
But Beleive me I wont, dont, cant, forsake
But elements can bite my soul
Were creatures of suffering and my fear is god induced
I dont want to play god
i want god to sucker punch my ribs and break my legs
i wat to fly down the mountains and slam through the river
I wat to drop from the sky and tumble through the dessert.
I want the masterpiece satan we create
The machines pistons enviornmental dragons
To mobilize my feet and pay for my experience in blood
jaime reyes-hildel
Written by
jaime reyes-hildel  Seattle
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