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Sep 2011
Hopes and dreams,
dashed on a rock.
She chokes on screams
or maybe a ****.

Lost to her vision,
no path to follow.
Still love how you're livin',
or is it hard to swallow?

Come now my goddess,
you know me better than that.
Let's be honest,
do you want it all back?

With a story this sad,
you won't even have to stack the deck.
Took everything you had,
and left you a wreck,

Standing on thin ice under egg shells,
screaming to the heavens that left you.
The same lie everyone else tells,
but they are deaf to you.

They have forsaken you my goddess,
just like I have.
We found what your plot is,
and had a good laugh.

So run on home,
where ever that now may be.
Shut off your phone,
and stay free.

Starting here and now,
you're just a mortal
I don't know what this is about,
But it seems rather forceful

I'm turning my back,
as well as the tide.
The walls start to crack,
and now I'm inside.

I am infected,
now my disease runs through your veins.
Quite selective,
to whom I inflict pain.

Came down from the sky,
with a witch's cackle.
Sat by my side,
and watched the fire crackle.

Don't look so weak,
everyone is powerless against me.
She turned to speak,
I screamed...
Anthony Jarell Alexander
Written by
Anthony Jarell Alexander  30/M
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