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Aug 2015
Every night I always wish I'm cark
That our stars will collide then spark
but never it could happen it's a fantasy
never to be true in our world called reality

Once it started it can never stop
it'll never stop until I've reach the top
To be loved by you was my eternal dream
But it only exist in my world called dream

You release me from my cage set me free
From the world of my own no one can see
You paint a smile and laughs in my face
I finally know what happiness means

What is this feeling I cant resist
Eager to see you to feel you beside me
Eager to hear your voice playing inside me
What is this? I'm curious my heart is at feast

Is this love that I'm feeling within my heart
or something just a human felt in his heart
if so should I release it to the world
Or keep it  hidden within my soul

I now release that something called love
but will it be good for someone in love
cause all i see is you turning away
walking slowly forgetting me

You're gone i'm still here
I will be waiting as long as you're near
Even it changed from what we have
I'll always hope it will return silently
kichan kazuto
Written by
kichan kazuto  Makati
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