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Sep 2011
You are not my pearl
To that I am resigned
For to an outside world
You cannot be defined

Who am I
That I decide
By who's decree
Do I preside

Like a morning sun
That sweeps winter to spring
Like an evening sun
On a distant sea

What will become
Of all the things
That we have done

Beauty so far

Like the evening sun
That meets the sky at dusk
Far out on the horizon
All things merge to one

Visions to a blind man
I cannot say what I can see
An earthquake to a child
I cannot know what I can feel

Something about pride
Keeps our secrets inside
Lies draw them blind
Yet still they can't hide
This deeper divide
That rides with us till we die

I want to hold it up to sunlight
And see the truth shine through

Against that tide
I tried to hold out
Tried to be so hard and strong

Escaping to warmer seas
An old whale cruising a summer's night
Hunted and hunted all of my days
But the prey will be hunted no more
Instead I'll be dancing the waves

It's not what I wanted
Nor you I suspect
It's not love were without
Seems we've lost all respect

You smile so solemnly
That smile used to say hello to me

You only touch the surface
You only ever cruise
You never see the depths
Deep inside of you

To see love end up as a motto

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
Sifting through a hundred poems/songs written in my teens and early 20's I'm now extracting lines from each and merging together here - just see what I get. I'll then play around with them and see what comes!

Feel free to plunder anything that sparks and idea.

I'm noticing a few themes emerging - sun, sea, freedom....
Joe Fogg
Written by
Joe Fogg
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