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Sep 2011
The future is framed
in a painting titled, Unknown
It appears to me as
a scene in a winding road
that is shrouded in a thick veil,
a misty fog of doubt

What tomorrow holds for me,
I do not know
For I have yet to arrive there
Certainly, nothing comes easily in life
Nothing seems set in stone

I cannot accomplish the journey alone
Inspite of my stubborn insistence to try
Counting just on myself,
out of my own efforts,
And I surely encounter failure
I've learned there is nothing worse
than going it all alone

So one assurance of hope do I fiercely cling to
It is the only way that I can survive

Therefore, I place my mortal hand in His,
A that hand is always offered to me,
And I grab hold of it for dear life
As the Lord is perpetually near
A divne lantern
unto my feet

The pathway ahead is still dimly lit
Only a few steps can I see at a time
But it is meant to reveal
only just what I need
To get me along through,
to penetrate the darkness

For what is faith
If I need not trust?
What is faith
If I demand to know everything?
Dorothy A
Written by
Dorothy A
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