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Aug 2015
The chances of being a regular chap in education
I have failed to avail, I have missed I must say
But there was no sign in my life of any success
Anything good would have been happened...

Now a days, I am suffering with super frustration
What really would I do in my future,
All the potential of my learning & gaining
To be a standalone fellow is going to reduce one by one!

No one is at my side and nothing productive happens around me...
It’s quite dark everywhere, wall and wall so high
I’m almost finished and it’s hard to capture
The gone wind but I am trying my best ato recover...

To rediscover the gap I have created by myself
I am super lonely in my way of life, perhaps I am cynic
And the people I am engaged with are not so helpful and friendly
All the way they act so competitively, think of their own only...

I am in vain my lord and I know not what’s in my store really...
I wish If I could get any fair chance in my country!
But my lord, there are so many unfair means in social or political dealings,
It’s quite ridiculous and I realize it a way out system of our society...

One major thing I feel inside that I must bring myself
Out from the darkness now I am bearing with me
The most lashing thing is the loneliness & friendless environment all around
My parents are still alive but they can’t help me as I need...

Then all I do have effectively is me only, my dear roadrunners  
The growing myself in me whom I did never try to find
I have no one for myself except me, I was blindfolded  
I start now depending on myself, better late than never...

All the dreams and high hopes will reduce to dust uselessly
If I leave myself , if I misunderstand myself, if I underestimate myself
So many occasions I did the mistakes feeling helpless , Oh me...!
But in the most next minute I get the power of myself in me to live like a man

Critical reality has taught me to speak to myself, it’s a chance
Like a human in the world full chances to live with rice & respect
I am no more helpless for I am now with myself and precisely
An invisible flutist is everywhere with me as well watching me ...

© 2015 Mohammad Anwar Parvez Shishir
Anwar Parvez Shishir
Written by
Anwar Parvez Shishir  Bangladesh
   Mitch Nihilist
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