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Sep 2010
I want to let you read one day
all about the blood
the chronic crushing ***** wave
and the whiskey flood

I want to rock you gently to sleep
and protect you from the plague
the sadness of the the day
I drown in the wave

I have a runny faucet
in the back of my mind
the drops just keep drip-dropping
filling up my time

I want to write you a secret sonnet
and wrap it up in lace
and every word I write on it
will remind you of my face

I want to let you read one day
about all the blood
the chronic pounding faucet
that's causing my mind to flood

I'm drowning in an ocean
filled up with *****
and now I've met a mermaid
that won't let me loose

I'm a sunken treasure
at the bottom of the sea
tied to an anchor
that won't let me leave

my jewels are really shiney
though you can't see from up there
it's hard to come all the way down here
without any air
- From Dishwater.
   Pooja Shah
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