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Aug 2015
Life as seen thru the Eye's , As a Beautiful Transgender Female Named
Stacie Leelah Cheyenne , Knowing most people don't really know You
Seeing the World as One Person , But knowing You are Some One Else
Hearing people near You & Around You , Talking about people like You
Watching the world around You , And Knowing that most don't accept You
Knowing that GOD created You , And knowing that GOD truly loves You
Feeling the emptiness & the loneliness , From your Family & your Friends
Unconditional love from those who truly know You & who truly love You
This is the life as A Transgender ( MTF )
This is the life of a Female / Woman / Girl
This is the life of Stacie Leelah Cheyenne
This is the life of "" ME ""
Stacie Leelah Cheyenne
Written by
Stacie Leelah Cheyenne  Tehachapi , California
(Tehachapi , California)   
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