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Jul 2015
Eyes glued to a computer screen...that is right in front of me
...eyes i control you...where are you planning on taking me
to a place of misery eye squinted obviously means heavy judgement right
but only in my thoughts
as my eyes projected this thought
water down the glue...and free yourself
...let your eyes project...freely
as a true camera lens would artist lowers to meet with this lens...
and in this moment the power lies with the artist...
as the artist decides what will be seen and captures it...
thing is one cannot control what is seen...only what he or she chooses to see
In  this life we have so many issues, so many emotions, so much pain, yet so much joy, and it is so easy to get distracted by we look at our lives and witness deaths, misfortune, racism, prejudice, suicides, we look toward all this pain thinking God where are you...why are we suffering...and you look in your Bible and see all the works of Christ and wonder okay please come to me crying out your name, i'm struggling to keep afloat, to keep in how can i pray, have faith, when there is none....
I guess some of of do have faith...only a drop but its still faith...we must look to that seed, no matter how small and be grateful for that seed, because this seed is all youve got right now...maybe faith is something that needs to be watered...maybe your faith needs watering...hmmmm
Written by
Miley Cyrus  Mars
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