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Jan 2010
this old year in its last hours
checks its tie
its coat tails
its long trousers
its insalubrious look
gets ready for one last stand
at the times square of our minds

sick in singapore she wrote
i rather be caned that live one more day
and i concurred i rather she'd be caned
than i
here in ohio i hear some winter birds
i swear and i attest
their forlorn cries carry far
and sometimes i believe i see their shapes
remotely flitting far
their cries carry far
here in ohio
where the winter snow came and went in two whole days
its surprising whereabouts both seen and felt
now we are back to flimsy silver lace affixed on

infirm in beijing she said
they all spit!
i took that as a sign she was getting well
here in the post soltice winter there is hope
for longer days ahoy
the maritime soul departs in yet another lost boat
inexplicably tied to the date

sick in mazatlan she said the water makes me puke
i heard later she bought a boat to sail from the west coast
down to the panama canal then up the east coast to new yor
that was her plan
but no she gave it up after she bought the boat
she realized she would have to fill it with ***** and nothing
choice give up the ship or sink under the influence
i hear the "Rosa Linda" i still tied in long beach pier

I mourn such passing as the days
disclose and hide in a foggy patina of misremembrance
see this was her coat her gloves
the angle of her visor gave us more of her
than i can just now tell i cant even remember the color
of her eyes
and yet firmly believe that we once met

as i get ready to welcome a new year
back to the chalk line
on your marks
go to my habitual everyday

here in ohio some winter birds
pester the air with their calls

perhaps they know something about time
I don't know

anyway, let's go meet another minute hour or day

sick  in
ohio i say
Written by
Wil Wynn
     bookworminaminidress and D Conors
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