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Sep 2011
Frightening silence
Painted on ragged walls
Wet air stuck in dry lungs
Muddy fingers on the floor,
The scent of pain in every bone,
Tired eyes washed in dusty rain
Drops of memories lost in vain.

I remember all so well...
Those feelings in every bit, every cell
The same hunger
Same emptiness and despair.
We were all hunters
For a piece of calming air,
On tops of mountains of fear;
Voices crawl, the sunrise is near...
"Go to sleep, sleep forever my dear".
Doors were locked, I couldn't hear
Truths of our misery, crystal clear
This was 1998, the damnned year.

And so it came back
Like a cruel memory
My hopes resting in a crematory,
Old wounds wide open -
A life ahead without any track
Of the right way to go,
Weak, restless, shallow
This caged air we've been breathing
Still standing, still believing
It is all a lie.
Georgiana S. 2011
Georgiana S
Written by
Georgiana S  Romania
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