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Aug 2011
The summer begins at seven
As the last song is sung
Last time we'll be together
before the future has begun
We laughed we cried we screamed we yelled
as a class we fought, as a class we fell

The teachers they are smiling
and the pupils they are, too
We will not miss each other
For we're not meant to do
They yelled, they screamed, just as we spoke
We laughed at them, just like a joke

But I am feeling empty
For no more I will glance
At that special someone
I will no more have the chance
I'll feel empty daily, for I know that I will miss
I'll miss the chance to see her, it was such a bliss

For some the future is an ocean
And it's now we drift alone
Guiding our on flagships
To split, yes we are prone
But will it ever happen, that we reunite again
Who would say they'd missed me, for I will not miss them
I found it fitting to add this poem now as the summer is almost over.

Written hours before school ended for the summer year 2011
Written by
William K Chee-awai
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