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Aug 2011
our feet move as million lights go on and off
in our bedrooms; where we keep each others
secrets; there are still corners of our skin,
that we haven't yet discovered; and it's strange
how your whole body fits on the windowsill
our eyes live a life of their own
judging all of our shells; with dreams in our
hands, yet still looking tiny to the world; our
lungs keep count of the steps we've taken;
stretching the hands above our heads; making
flying birds with our fingers; few inches into
the air they reach, makes us feel closer to the universe
our bodies lie naked in the soil
dancers born between the night and day;
catching the feeling of infinity on wide
open plains; there's no need to feel shame;
after all, the sun doesn't make any difference in
silhouettes between your body and mine
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Natasa Dolenc
Written by
Natasa Dolenc
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