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Aug 2011
Take my hand babe; I've got a plan for us.

If we can't go home again then lets pack up and drive.

We'll take our coats and our dreams, but we'll leave our shoes behind.

With back packs full of hope we'll head out west like outlaws.

We'll drive past the ******* and spend our days exploring ourselves, inside and out.

We'll leave our doubts in the dust and when we reach the edge we'll jump with no fear.

We'll stand where the states touch and feel infinite.

And if the west coast holds no secrets for us, we'll hop continents until we find our own fountain of youth.

We'll try for the stars babe and if we should miss, no worries, any blood lost can only make us stronger.

And if it all gets to be too much for you; I'll be around to dust you off and hold you close until the tears subside.

If the sun wont have us, then we'll walk in the rain, and I promise you'll always feel loved.

And should we be separated, for any reason, you'll find me at the cross roads every time.
Taryn Bertollini
Written by
Taryn Bertollini
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