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May 2015
Windows of the soul
The colors of the prowl
The mistress of the night
The wary spouse pursuing moonlight
Reckless and imperfect
Just and able to protect
What are we doing here?
Purpose of life
Inevitable death
Struck like a dull knife
Over the sound of the silent breath
Hear the words
Feel the lords
Over the horizon
Waiting to be poisoned
What are we doing here?
Inexplicable mess
Nonchalant actions
The king is the mightiest in chess
Yet it faces great dissatisfaction
Cringe and shiver
Of the ruthless bow and arrows in the quiver
Senseless words
Yet it tastes sweeter
What are we doing here?
Cloudy eyes
And intangible lines
Color me deeper
The life declines
Darkness is bright
Shadow of blight
I know that
These senseless words
are senseless
But who are you to judge?
For it gives me happiness
I know now what are we doing here
We are here for one thing
Now my mind is clear
I will say it for the time being
What is the purpose of life, you say?
It matters not
Whether you are given a life or a chance to stay
For all I know
Having life does not come with a purpose
But what will you do to your life and what you propose
It is not for the circumstances of your birth
Rather how you choose to live the life you have
Albeit hateful or being hurt
It matters not as long as it is worth remembering for
Julian Arcee G Cruz
Written by
Julian Arcee G Cruz  Manila
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