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May 2015
I know
What it feels like
To be seen
In modern times
Or the times we all have been
It feels like a chime
And drains the self-esteem
Don't worry friend
You and I will see
What the world truly is
What the world can be
I have seen
The light of the morning sky
The stain that burns the eye
There is hope
There is life
We will see
What we truly claim to be
Be it the adjacent lines
Or the blurry hope
That we will strive and be free
I have seen
The capability
Each and every one of us have
Let alone immortality
Don't be afraid friend
We will see
How people will persevere
How people will succeed
Don't let darkness lurks in you
I see
The beauty
Of Your perfect inequalities
I have seen
All the tragedy
All the hate
And all the immorality
The world truly proves
That beauty lies within
All the bad things we possess
All the imperfections deep in
Don't worry friend
You and I have seen
How the world strove
How the world will evolve
Even at the darkness
See the world rise again
Because no matter what
It is for the world to gain
I have seen
Even though darkness
Ensues and devours you deep in
The world will find a way
To let the sunshine begin
I know
What it is like
To have seen
That even sometimes we are eaten
By the insecurities we deem
I can say
That is what makes us human it seem
Julian Arcee G Cruz
Written by
Julian Arcee G Cruz  Manila
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