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Jul 2011
I’m standing in a blizzard...
that’s what it feels like.
the cold, it bites right back at me.
it stabs me like a spike!
Right through my heart it goes!
it chills me to my toes,
to think you’d be so cruel...
you played me like a fool.
And now I’m feeling nothing,
but that sort of makes me glad.
I know if I could feel the pain,
it’d take what’s left I have.
It’d take away my friends from me,
it’d steal my sanity.
I can’t believe how far I fell,
when you said you fell for me.
My limbs they all seem frozen,
they crack like withered trees.
In winter trees are heartless;
like what you did to me.
I know you see my pain here,
you relish in it all.
I know I hurt you so **** bad
and you’re here to watch me fall.
But even though I surely know,
you’ve got me down and out.
I’ll come back one day you’ll see!
Just what I’m all about.
But just for now I don’t know how,
to get out of this mess.
But I’ll be fine you’ll see in time,
Let’s start this game of chess.
Alicia Strong
Written by
Alicia Strong  Nova Scotia
(Nova Scotia)   
   Alicia Strong
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