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Jan 2010
So tired; need sleep. I am lying in bed: fresh clean bedding, wearing a t-shirt and green underwear. I think that I should be asleep.

Really good music.

Not anymore.



It is incredibly early right now;

6:24 am.

I'm tired but once again cannot sleep.
I want to

This should be fine. It is fine

I wonder about all of that fuzz. The fact that it was the morning and it seemed as if there was something that could be done.

The first time I saw you was so clarified; so apparent and vivid and lovely.

I remember seeing you and breaking time for a moment . I remember you , then.

I was drawn to you. I swallowed your ear with my verbal connotations.

and you called me back.

meanwhile, deep, boxed in my brain lived a freshly painted sign that read:
Written by
mia ransom
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