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Apr 2015
Is it right to be judge just because we like different opposite ***  we hear this everyday talking about we gonna to sin just because we like what we like and I love they way I'm and I don't care if society Judge us who are you just because I proud *******/ stud and it's doesn't make any sense to me no more just caused people don't agree with us and tearing me apart but oh well. Being in a world that people judge you because of your choice of clothes you wear and how you want to wear it cause that make you comfortable being you and not worried about what society have to say. Being proud of yourself.  Being part of the LGBTQ Community is a great thing to be in cause there is a alot of Iove  that they show us for being ourself and nobody  else  can't change that cause we are comfortable in our own skin and being happy because we found who we are and what we like. I'm glad that I found out what I like and what I don't like for years cause I was scare what will society will think of me being a ******* cause we get judge all the time for liking female and not men cause it's a sin for liking them but I don't care what society thinks cause I'm glad that I'm in the LGBTQ Community.
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