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Apr 2015
darkness is just darkness when it gets black,
there aren’t anymore layers of darkness,
with even the smallest drop of light,
the world to see!

Darkness is just the absence of light so whenever
its dark out and you can see the moon,
just know that there is still light even in the blackest truest
The light of a single flickering bulb more powerful
than all the darkness, also darkness is more rare
so we watch out for it, we sleep through it, yet
I’m deeply grateful for it, well worn streets new again
with darkness, also its far less intrusive than light,
so I can sleep with ease.
I apolgize if this sounds super clichéd.

The light blocks the cosmos from view just murky blackness, it also
blocks the building with million dollar views a few feet away from the park
and the trees above my head.
The light creates contrast on the path, a line of well lit concrete gentle darkness on either side,
yet the orange sky, still shows the fields.
a single light out of focus blocks out the sky, the passing by satilights and planes,
and the present, the giants overlooking the park.
Never have I seen light at such an angle, always helpful, the light at the perfect shards,
exploding out at different angles nothing of relevance, yet the light.
A focused explosion puased mid flight, the way
a  bird dives, paused, to admire the ground below.

Darkness is hip, edgy cool and
******* everywhere.
Poems about light are either clichéd to death or for *insert choice word
for fools.
Talking about the pureness of complete darkness, about how
your senses felt different is hip and edgy,
why is it so that I can’t find words to describe something everyone
already knows? Why can’t I describe the joy of feeling light
pouring on me, as I laugh on a unicycle,
the joy of a ******* chimpanzee, dancing.
a light that doesn’t pass through a darkness is worthless,
a light that passes through as immense a darkness that is as well lit as space is,
is a tall order.
How do you create the feeling of a light thousands of times bigger than our world,
that passes through a space that makes us an atom on our body.
This light makes us so small yet without that feeling of smallness where
would we be?
Without the gravity of something bigger, up and down are truly worthless.

Darkness is smaller than the light,
sure it’s the back drop, but its only there to help
us notice the light.

The cosmos save the electricity bill.
The white moon that really is grey, black and lots of other colors
that we can see from a good while off, turns the tide.
A small star obnixously yet perfectly welcome
lets the decorative lights rest.

Each of those stars is far farther from each other than we
when will ever travel in a hundred life times, space not crowded
even from way up over there there are still way beyond
any frontier in our lifetime, yet they are still there for us.
Nobody would notice if a star faded out of the sky
but each and everyone of them is still there for us,
and so many billions that will we will never see
but turn the black night sky into a dark blue sky.
The team work of the stars is extraordinary, all
keeping great distance as to not hurt the other stars,
yet they stay together and light up our night, together.
No depth so we can see horses in the stars,
yet what about the rocks attempting to destroy us?
Our very earth created the exact same thing,
creation brings massive pebble flying faster than light.

How?! How do we get to a light beyond darkness?
It’s not a light at the end of a tunnel, its never that clear.
It will come in shattered pieces, there might be a tiny touch
of light and on the celling a bit to the left, grab them all and they may
make something.
So I had these in lots of separate poems but I can't create anything so I just sent this
Written by
JM McCann  NY
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